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Kaleidoscope Headband

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I love a band that has a bunch of colors and that I can wear with multiple outfits. That's what I love most about this band....well, that and that it's herringbone. I am really into herringbone right now. I almost named this band Rain-bone but thought that sounded weird..but that really sums it up....herringbone with every color of the rainbow in it. You'll find yourself reaching for this band time and again.

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Headband Sizing

Band Type Small Regular Large
Active 19.5"-21" 21"-22.5" 22.5"-24"
CoolCore® //// One size fits most
Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
Tie Behind //// One size fits most
Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Colder One size fits all


* if you fall right on the line order size down

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