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Wholesale Tip: Display in multiple locations

Whether you are in a small suite in a strip mall, which is where Tailored West started, or you’ve grown to a huge department store, 8,000 square feet, I guarantee you look around and you’ve got corners and niches that your traffic are not going to. Those little dark areas where it’s like it doesn’t seem like whatever I put there will sell. Boulder Band is a phenomenal product to use, to drive traffic to those tough spots. Have mannequins, have your apparel, your jewelry, and a coordinating Boulder Band on the mannequin and take your customers by the hand and lead them throughout your store and show them all the various ways that they can enjoy a Boulder Band headband. This is our main tower where we display a wide selection of the Boulder Band original headbands. These are 2 by 8 grid iron sections that you can buy almost anywhere. They’re easy to put together, and very easy to move this tower around. We try to re-merchandise our store quarterly, it’s critical to keep the store fresh. Boulder Band will equip you with these nice tape measures, and keep one at your tower and another over at your checkout counter so that you could make sure and assist your guests to purchase the proper headband size the first time. This intimate little room in our boutique has lovely merchandise, but it is an area that we struggle with traffic a little bit. So we’ve positioned our beautiful lace Boulder Band headbands here, called the Fancy Bands. This area where we carry the Colder Bands and the bigger bands is at the back of the store, and this has just been an incredible way to drive people back to another room that they might not otherwise go into, and they can see all the rest of the merchandise. We find that they absolutely love to feel this product, so you again, are at a wonderful advantage by having a brick and mortar where they can come in and feel this product as opposed to the difficulty of just explaining it online.
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Headband Sizing

Band Type Small Regular Large
Active 19.5"-21" 21"-22.5" 22.5"-24"
CoolCore® //// One size fits most
Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
Tie Behind //// One size fits most
Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Colder One size fits all


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