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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS for Wholesale Partners

Yeah, we know, these things are boring. Every company has to have them, though. Everything here should be pretty cut and dry, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Make sure you read these all the way to the end. What is possibly the most important part is at the very end of these Terms.

First, by placing an order with Bolder Band™, you agree to the following Terms:

Here's the two really important things:

  1. You may notsell any Bolder Band™ product for less than the current retail price on http://www.bbolder.com, not including limited time specials or promotions held within your business (i.e. you're allowed to have sales and specials for 24 hours or over a weekend that may ultimately drop the price of the band below the current retail price on our website).
  2. You are not authorized to sell Bolder Band™ products on any online store (stores include, but are not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.). After you have purchased $6,000 in product at wholesale pricing from Bolder Band™, upon review, we will consider allowing you to sell Bolder Band™ product on your own website. Approvals must be in writing or you may have your account terminated.

These things are important, too, but cover some more obscure, or secondary situations:

  1. You, as the retailer, agree to provide exchanges and/or refunds for customers who can't get their Bolder Band to 'stay put'. In other words, you honor our Bolder Band Guarantee, as described here:  If you wear them correctly (low on your forehead, more like a sweat band and less like a plastic headband) and you have the correct size, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7uFWP1_C3g and after (and only after) viewing the aforementioned video and employing any suggestions made in the instructions the band does not “stay put”, we'll offer to replace it with a different size or refund your purchase (after you return it to us - shipping is NOT refundable).
  2. Damage return claims must be made within 15 days of receipt. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Goods will ship as available.
  3. Bolder Band™ reserves the right to terminate our relationship at any time for any reason. By purchasing Bolder Band™ products, you agree to not reverse engineer, copy, or otherwise and in-effect compete in the marketplace with Bolder Band™.
  4. You, the wholesale partner, affirm that you are providing Bolder Band™ with the most accurate contact information, and that you are authorized to conduct business on behalf of your company.
  5. Further, you agree that if you cannot be reached for 30 days by Bolder Bands, we reserve the right to terminate our business relationship.
  6. You may not add any logo, slogan, phrase, motto, etc., that is Trademarked, Copyrighted, or in any way the property of any other entity without the expressed written permission from that entity (ie. pro or college licensed logos, etc...).  Bolder Band™ must have documentation of the written approval and must also approve all use of private property.
  7. Further, by agreeing to these Terms you understand that Bolder Band™ and all of its affiliates are not responsible for any legal and financial liabilities as a result of Trademark or Copyright violations committed by you, the wholesale partner.
  8. While Bolder Band™ is a company that is constantly innovating and subsequently will release new products, not all new products will be available for wholesale. Typically, products will go through a testing phase in our retail market to gauge their success. Even if a product is highly successful in our retail market, there remains a possibility that it may not, for a multitude of reasons, be available for purchase at wholesale pricing.
  9. You, the wholesale partner, agree to pay all charges, including shipping and handling charges, applied to your order. Payment for any products are due before the product will be shipped to you. Bolder Band™ will not ship your order to you unless we have received your payment.
  10. International customers (including customers in Canada and Mexico) agree to pay all import taxes, duties, Customs charges, or any other country-specific charges incurred by the acceptance of any imported products of Bolder Bands™ for retail use.
  11. We ask that, wherever possible, you contact that rep for your needs. Emailing the Customer Service Department, or writing in via the live chat feature on the Bolder Bands website, Facebook, etc., will likely lead to a delay in responding to you. It is your responsibility to retain your rep’s contact information. Should you lose it, please call the Bolder Bands wholesale line (719-992-0132).
  12. We understand that there will be situations that you, the potential wholesale partner, will request to have samples of Bolder Band™ products sent to you so that you can make the best informed decision as to your purchase. We are happy to oblige this, though may ask you to submit a deposit.
  13. Should you decide to partner with Bolder Band™, the deposit will be applied to your first order. Should you choose to not partner with Bolder Bands, the deposit may be nonrefundable.
  14. Bolder Band™ desires to leave 'room for growth' within a designated territory and will not intentionally open an account that would affect your ability to sell Bolder Band™ products.
  15. In order to maintain your status as a Bolder Band™ wholesale partner, you agree to maintain consistent reorders, equaling a total of $2,000 USD each year minimum (from your initial purchase date).
  16. While you may not complete transactions or take orders online, Bolder Band™ encourages your to advertise that you are a Bolder Band™ retailer. You may use approved images on our website to do so, including our logo, swatches, model pictures, etc. You may advertise on your business website and social media channels, as well as your personal website and social media channels.
  17. You may not create a website or social media page or account that is specific to Bolder Band™, or contains the words “Bolder Bands” in the title, web address, or name. For example, you may not create a Facebook page named “Bolder Bands of Canon City”, or “Bolder Band of Canada”.
  18. The Bolder Band™ name, logo, and images may only be managed by Bolder Band™, and as a purchasing wholesaler you are authorized to onlyutilize them on your personal and business website(s) and social media channel(s).
  19. Violation of this policy may result in the termination of your Bolder Band™ account.
  20. While Bolder Band™ always works to ship your products to you in the fastest, most efficient manner, we ask that you allow for 4-6 weeks for shipping if necessary. In most cases, your order should ship within 3 business days of it being placed.
  21. Bolder Band™ reserves the right to update and change these Terms as necessary. You may request to view any updated Terms by calling the Bolder Band™ office at 719-992-0132, or by contacting your wholesale representative.
  22. If any point of these Terms are unclear to you or you have any questions or concerns about them, you agree to make the appropriate inquiries before engaging in a wholesale partnership with Bolder Band™.
  23. You agree that the person completing this registration for, and making purchases confirms that he/she is authorized to approve and accept the responsibility of the Terms and Conditions herein.
  24. You grant Bolder Band™ permission to contact you on your cell phone by voice call, text message, or other means, unless otherwise notified.
  25. You agree to treat all Bolder Band™ employees with respect. Mistreatment of any employee of Bolder Band™ (yelling, swearing, name calling, false accusations, and other persistent disrespectful or course speak) will result in the immediate stoppage of account pursuit, or the immediate cancellation of your account. We will treat you with respect and dignity, and expect the same in return.

Bolder Band™ Commitments to Our Wholesale Partners

We felt it was really important to make clear to our wholesale partners what they can expect from us as individuals, and as a company. Every employee of Bolder Band™ (or other Bolder Band™ associates) will always give their best effort to:

  1. Be available when you are. If you contact us and we are unavailable, we will make it a priority to return your correspondence before the end of the next business day.
  2. Get your order out to you in fastest, most cost-effective way possible.
  3. Treat you with respect, and will follow through on our commitments to you.
  4. Work to make things right if there’s a problem, and will work to promote your success.
  5. Be a company like none other that you’ve ever worked with in regard to professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fun.
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Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
Tie Behind //// One size fits most
Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
Colder One size fits all


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