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As promised, here's Tailored West's real life case study:



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Here is the transcript from the above video...

Hi, and welcome to Tailored West, I’m Nanci, the owner. I’ve been involved in various aspects of retail for over 30 years, building and selling businesses, serving as a consultant, merchandiser, and professional buyer. Bolder Band has asked me to share with you what my affiliation with their company has done for Tailored West in the past year. Why don’t you come on in? In my years as a retailer, I have found it invaluable to evaluate periodically, what are my commodity lines? What lines with the least amount of trouble, the least amount of hassle are making me money, and I’m reordering over, and over again? If you’re not asking yourself that question, I encourage you to. As I evaluated it at the end of this season, I was blown away by how many times we had reordered Bolder Band products, how quickly they arrived, all in good condition and perfect consistency to the product. I guess as far as driving traffic to my store, it was over the top. The percentage of customer’s walking in as we approach them and greet them, and say “How can we help you?” And they’re saying “I came to buy a Bolder Band.” Many of them did not know we were here prior to seeing us on the Bolder Band retailer locator on their website, which is huge. That’s traffic coming to me without leaving my pocket to get customer acquisition. So what they do for you in customer acquisition by their aggressive 24/7 presence of encouraging people to be the bold, beautiful you on their website was huge for us.

One tell tale sign that my new customer had walked in to buy a Bolder Band is when the mom walks in with her 12 year old and she’s got one on, and they’re coming in to buy more. Now this for me is the future of my business. This little 12 year old is not shopping at a women’s fashion boutique yet, but she’s coming in and she’s falling in love with our customer service and already loves the Bolder Band product. So Bolder Band has done wonderful things for me to just have this optimistic feeling that I am grooming my future customer base. And as we position our Bolder Band products throughout the store, we have incredible opportunity to introduce to the customer some of the other products that we carry, and quite often they will make purchases in addition to what they walked in the door for. And quite often they will say “I am so glad I found this store. I will be back for a pair of leggings. I love your sandals, etcetera, etcetera.” So we know that Bolder Band was a hug part of the 30% increase that we enjoyed in our retail sales.

I have to tell you that I am very thrilled with my decision to purchase and represent Bolder Band Headbands. The company does a wonderful job of support. I always enjoy a friendly conversation when I do reach out to them, and the consistency of the product and how quickly they ship to me upon my demands has superseded all expectation. It is a wonderful company to work with. Your success as a retailer of Bolder Band products is going to be ensured if you just simply follow their culture. Read the posts that are on their Facebook page and get to know all about that positive, energetic culture encouraging people to become healthy, and community minded, and civic minded, and all those good things that we love about this life.

Whether you are in a small suite in a strip mall, which is where Tailored West started, or you’ve grown to a huge department store, 8,000 square feet, I guarantee you look around and you’ve got corners and niches that your traffic are not going to. Those little dark areas where it’s like it doesn’t seem like whatever I put there will sell. Bolder Band is a phenomenal product to use, to drive traffic to those tough spots. Have mannequins, have your apparel, your jewelry, and a coordinating Bolder Band on the mannequin and take your customers by the hand and lead them throughout your store and show them all the various ways that they can enjoy a Bolder Band headband.

This is our main tower where we display a wide selection of the Bolder Band original headbands. These are 2 by 8 grid iron sections that you can buy almost anywhere. They’re easy to put together, and very easy to move this tower around. We try to re-merchandise our store quarterly, it’s critical to keep the store fresh. Bolder Band will equip you with these nice tape measures, and keep one at your tower and another over at your checkout counter so that you could make sure and assist your guests to purchase the proper headband size the first time.

This intimate little room in our boutique has lovely merchandise, but it is an area that we struggle with traffic a little bit. So we’ve positioned our beautiful lace Bolder Band headbands here, called the Fancy Bands. This area where we carry the Colder Bands and the bigger bands is at the back of the store, and this has just been an incredible way to drive people back to another room that they might not otherwise go into, and they can see all the rest of the merchandise. We find that they absolutely love to feel this product, so you again, are at a wonderful advantage by having a brick and mortar where they can come in and feel this product as opposed to the difficulty of just explaining it online.

The key point that I found is that we’ve always kept our wagon full. Your customer came in to see you to purchase a headband, don’t drive them to the web. Bolder Band also will assist you by always offering the top 20. They can tell you which headbands are doing the best for them, and that’s a great, great gauge to go by to make sure that you always have the best selling headbands in stock.

I recommend that you equip your sales staff with Bolder Band headbands. As they wear them and fall in love with them, their testimony will be true and genuine. Have mirrors and tape measures, and make sure that your staff is assisting your guests to purchase the proper size.

Most of our sales associates have agreed that when they come to the counter with two, and they say to them “did you know that by purchasing 3, you get special pricing?” Pretty much hands down, they would pick the 3rd one. We always like to have the little counter display and we change that out and keep fresh and new product always on it, and there is a great way for you to get that up sell. They’ve stepped up to the counter with one or two headbands, and you just encourage them to pick up the 3rd and they feel fantastic because they’re getting a deal.

If you heard any little sounds during the video, I’d like to introduce you to Pierre. Pierre, can you say “hi?”
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