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How do I determine the size HEADBAND I need?
How do I determine the PANT or SKIRT I need?
How do I determine the LEGGINGS SIZE I need?
What are they made of?
Where are they made?
How many different ways and widths can I wear them?
Are they sewn all the way around?
Are they machine washable?
Are they safe for the dryer?
How much is shipping?
How long does it take to process my order?
How do I contact you?
Do you sell wholesale?
Do you offer special pricing to teams or groups?
Do you offer custom designed or personalized Bolder Bands?
How does your Guarantee work?
Do you accept returns and issue refunds?
How is this headband different from other large cloth headbands?
Do you have any customer testimonials?
Do you support fundraisers?
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Headband Sizing

19.5" - 21 inches small
21" - 22.5 inches regular
22.5" - 24 inches large


Video: How To Measure Your Head

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