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Buy Back Guarantee

Bolder Band Buy Back Guarantee:

  1. At times we will offer a Buy Back Guarantee. The terms of the Buy Back Guarantee are as follows:
    • If you are not satisfied with the sales of the headbands you may choose to return up to 240 of the unsold bands (that you have paid for) for a refund in the amount of your original purchasing price (less a restocking fee).
    • The products must be in the exact condition as they were delivered to you (brand new, in the packaging, undamaged, unworn, etc.).
    • You, the wholesale partner, agrees to pay for all of the shipping costs incurred from returning the bands, including international taxes, duties, etc.
    • Should you decide to activate the Buy Back Guarantee, you must contact us at the time determined upon the agreement.
  2. In order to partake in the Buy Back Guarantee, you agree to:
    • Merchandise the products for a minimum of 90 days.
    • Prominently display the counter rack (provided with your order at no additional cost) near your cash register (or other similar point of transaction) fully stocked with Bolder Bands.
    • Purchase a Success Pack (approximate investment of $100- $200) from Bolder Bands. The contents of the Success Pack are:
      • Point of purchase posters
      • Digital materials, including our logo and other images to be used for marketing on your website, social media channels, etc.
      • Miscellaneous items such as hair ties, lip balm, and other provided promotional items
    • To market and present Bolder Bands to the best of your ability.
      • Bolder Bands asks that you provide us with links to your website and other applicable social media channels where applicable.
        • At times, Bolder Bands may offer marketing suggestions to promote your success. In taking part in the Buy Back Guarantee, you agree to, at minimum, strongly consider marketing suggestions made by Bolder Bands.
  3. Should you take advantage of the Buy Back Guarantee:
    • You will pay a restocking fee of 20% of the value of returned merchandise.
    • Your territory will forfeited and you will not be reconsidered for reinstatement for 3 years.
  4. Please allow up to two weeks after the receipt of the headbands for a refund check to be mailed to you.
      • All refunds will come to you in the form of a check.
  5. At this time the Buy Back Guarantee is only available to wholesale partners within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii).
  6. There may be times that we may direct you to communicate with one of our successful wholesale partners to share ideas, ask questions of them, and see what has worked best for them. In agreeing to these terms you agree to always make your best effort to engage in this communicate if requested.
  7. The spirit of the Buy Back Guarantee is to promote your success. We do not wish to control your business and marketing, as that would violate a major value of Bolder Bands. Conversely, we know that the stress of financial risk can hinder your ability to succeed, and we want to do what we can to remove those fears so that you can be freed up to focus on your customers. To that end, we ask that you remain in consistent communication with us. Ask us questions. Share your fears and concerns. Give us a call to share what’s working for you. We’ll always give our best effort to do what we can to promote your success.

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    Headband Sizing

    Band Type Small Regular Large
    Active 19.5"-21" 21"-22.5" 22.5"-24"
    CoolCore® //// One size fits most
    Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
    Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
    Tie Behind //// One size fits most
    Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
    Colder One size fits all


    * if you fall right on the line order size down

    Video: How To Measure Your Head

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