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Winner Announcement!

by 4-Tell Support July 07, 2016 1 Comment


If you are listed below, you are the winner of a $200 Gift Certificate to do a little shopping on www.BBolder.com AND a FREE Bolder Beach Bag ($25 Value)!

  1. Susann Allard
  2. Jenny Ham
  3. Darla Peduzzi
  4. Charles W
  5. Donna Marcinuk
  6. Donna Maggard
  7. Hal 
  8. Brandi Miller
  9. Theresa Jenkins
  10. Gean Swiatko-Klee

To claim your prize please email us at support@BBolder.com with your Mailing Address and Phone Number. Again Congratulations!

If you are not listed as a winner above we still have something cool for you. For the next 48 hours you can get 30% Off on our entire site!

Click here to go shopping now!

Simply use this Discount Code: ThanksForPlaying

Have an amazing day!

4-Tell Support
4-Tell Support

1 Response

Macrina Hummel
Macrina Hummel

July 07, 2016

Just wanted to thank you for producing such cute bands & standing behind your product. I send them to my friends that are workout fanatics just to perk them up! A few weeks ago I called about the Autism Band that I had purchased and how the puzzle emblem had fallen off. I was disappointed as I gave this one to my friend to show my support of her & her autistic daughter. Well, you guys made it right by sending out a new band to her! THANK YOU so much! This arrived on just the right day! She had had a terrible day. When she got the band she broke down in tears! She put it on & went for a run! She called me afterwards to let me know it really made her day! SO THANK YOU BOLDER BANDS!! You ROCK!!
Macrina Hummel

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