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Staying Healthy This Summer

by Amy Crouse May 15, 2018

Staying Healthy This Summer

For many of you, summer is a time where you are on the go to baseball, soccer, swimming, family trips, acting camps, sports camps, sewing camps…don’t they seem to have a a camp for about anything these days?

I think I am going to start a MOM CAMP.

Just kidding…I am all too aware that the day will come when my kids are off and gone and I will miss how full our schedule is, so I CHOOSE to soak it all in with gratitude!

Here are some great summertime health tips that hopefully bring some value to you and your family’s lives while you are running the from Camp Invention to T-ball and then to robotics and coding camp. (these are all camps my kids have on their list…not joking!)


One of my proudest moments one day was when my, then 7 year old, got in the car and said, “Mom, when I went to the bathroom today, my pee was so clear I could barely tell that I went!”

We of course High-Fived and did a little jig.

What do I do? I fill a gallon jug of water each morning and keep it on my counter. I fill a few water bottles for the car and then pour out of it while at home. My goal? To have it gone by bed. Surprisingly, this isn’t as hard as one might think and when you get in the habit of it. 

When a day goes by and you don’t get it all in, you can totally tell! My kids drink water, or Amped Hydrate (Isagenix) because it has all the vitamins, electrolytes etc, but does not have any artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors! #totalmomwin

Be armed and ready at all times.

I joke with my husband that If we got stranded anywhere, I would have enough food and clothes for all of us to survive for about 3 days!

What do I keep in my car that doesn’t melt?

Almonds and pistachios, protein packets (we will discuss protein another time, just know that there are A LOT of poor, cheap ones out there that are better left on the shelf, and some that are absolutely awesome and well worth your dime), apples, Mary’s crackers, seaweed, protein and/or granola bars and some Nick’s Turkey Sticks.


When you wake up, write out what you will be needing throughout the day, this will help you avoid unnecessary, expensive stops.

You can find some decent places to pick up food, but it sure adds up. Save your money for the overpriced giant stuffed turtle your kid will pick out at the zoo. =)

Be creative with your workouts!

Here is a great outdoor one that you can do anywhere:

Set your timer for 20 min and complete as many rounds as you can!

1. Jog around the block or  a few times around yard (~about 2 min worth)
2. Do 10 pushups
3. Do 10 standing broad jumps (land softly with bent knees)
4. Do 20 walking lunges (grab a few rocks for extra weight!)
5. Get in high plank and move 5 times to the left and then five times to right with both hands and feet.

REPEAT 1-5 until desired time is up!

BRING a dish you will eat.

So many times there are family/friend get-togethers that have a lot of unhealthy choices. I always bring a dish that I will eat! A salad, a big fruit plate, vegetable platter, some organic chicken to grill, some grain free tortilla chips (Siete Lime tortillas are amazing). That way you still partake in all the festivities, but don’t compromise your hard work by digging into potato salad and hot dogs.

Click Here for one of my favorite salads.  I eat it year round!

What are your summertime tips?  Comment below with your own ninja strategies!

- - -

P.S.  It almost goes without saying that a few good headbands will lead to a much more enjoyable summer.  Click below, pick out some Bolder Bands, and keep the sweat and hair out of your face in style!

Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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