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5 Reasons to Run 5k's (even if you're slow)

by Ian Sturgeon December 30, 2015 5 Comments

Our resident runner/coach/fitness enthusiast here at Bolder Band wrote this guest post for us.  Ian's article is equal parts funny & inspiring.  I hope it helps you get out there and stay active in 2016!


- - -

Have you ever run a 5k?  If the answer is no, it's high time you paid your entry fee, and awkwardly toed the line for the first time.

Here are 5 reasons why...

1.  You're faster than you think.

Nothing will make you pick up your pace like getting passed by a woman in her third trimester pushing a jogging stroller.  You may think you're going as fast as you can go when you run on your own, but there's something about being in a race that requires you to be honest with yourself about how hard you can actually run.

Even if you don't have a competitive bone in your body, running a race will help you run your VERY best.  The feeling of doing your VERY best is amazing no matter what place you come in, or what the clock says at the finish line, so get out there, and compete!

Without signing up for a race, you have no idea what your limits really are.

2.  It will help you stay on track.

The risk of passing out and/or vomiting in public due to a lack of preparation is a great motivator. 

If you're searching for something to get you out the door, training for a 5k is a great place to start.  Commit.  Sign up.  Tell all your friends that you're training for a race!

Once you pay your entry fee you'll run because you "have to."  Pushing the snooze button, sitting on the couch, or polishing off the last few Krispy Kreme donuts won't be an option when you have visions in your head of the paramedics dragging your untrained body off the course in front of the entire running community :)

3.  You'll discover speed-work!

This is optional, but if you really want to perform well in 5k's, you'll want to do some speed-work, A.K.A. interval training, A.K.A...pure misery.

Simply put, speed-work is a period of running fast, followed by a period of walking, or running slow.  I won't bore you with specific workouts here, but you'll find plenty of information on the subject by googling things like "speed work for a 5k."

As rough as you will feel doing some of these higher speed workouts, it will improve your running form, and get your legs used to a faster turnover. 

Get a few speed-work sessions in, and you'll easily fend off the 70 year old lady wearing a fanny pack, and jogging with her fluffy little dog at the 5k...or at least give her a run for her money.

4.  You might win! (sort of)

Here's the cool thing about local 5k's.  LOTS of people win.  Sure you might not be the "over-all" winner, but you'll find that awards get passed out like candy at Halloween.

Guess what happens at a small 5k when only 3 women between the ages of 35 and 40 show up?  All 3 of those lucky ladies place in their age group!

More than anything, local 5k's are parties for active people.  Chances are, you're going to walk away with a bag full of swag, an age group award, or at the very least a cool t-shirt.

Side Note:  Don't wear the free T-shirt in the race if you're over 10 years old, or you'll "out" yourself as a newbie :)

5.  You'll become an athlete!

Running 5k's is a great way to begin behaving, and thinking like an athlete.  You'll stop "trying to make healthier choices" or "trying to be more active."  All of that will take care of itself, because whether you're slow or not...you'll be "in training."

In a world full of people wearing "active-wear" while they do things like paint their toenails, and watch Netflix, you'll be wearing active-wear because...well...you're an athlete.

Discover how fast you are...achieve your goals...get faster...be a winner...and act like an athlete...

Run a 5k.

Oh...and incidentally...It's FREEZING outside right now, so you might want to pick up some cold weather gear to make sure you get your miles in without a trip to the ER with frostbite...Click the image below to get what you need :)


Ian Sturgeon
Ian Sturgeon

5 Responses


January 27, 2016

I was actually passed by the pregnant lady pushing a stroller at one of my first races! :-) She was so sweet; she encouraged me to keep going as she passed me!


January 23, 2016

I love this article. I’m about to run my first 5k so it gives me more motivation. Thanks!

Cindy Cox-Again
Cindy Cox-Again

January 22, 2016

I found the link! Thank you so much!

Cindy Cox
Cindy Cox

January 22, 2016

I wish I could share this article to my private Facebook workout friends! We have had this conversation many times as we encourage others to put themselves out there no matter how fast, slow or how far they can run.

Lisa Ransier
Lisa Ransier

January 03, 2016

I’m on my 4 month of running. I’ve ran 3 5k. I’m 53. If you would have told me Id be doing this last year I would have laugh. I Hate to walk let alone run. Well I’m loving every moment

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