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Annie Pokorny...She’s all ‘bout that snow!

by Amy Crouse November 06, 2014

We love the Bold, Beautiful spirit of professional skier and Olympic hopeful Annie Pokorny. Bolder Band Headbands wants to follow her through the trials and tribulations and elation of training for the big show: the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Every month Annie will share some insight into her training so we can train along with her and follow our dreams as well.

Motto of the Month: If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

I’ve been training since April to accomplish huge goals this season. At this point, teetering on the precipice of training and race season, it’s easy to get nervous and belittle the work I’ve done to get here. But I’m keeping my big goals, even if they’re a little scary.

Exercise of the Month: It’s wintery mix season out East, so it seems fitting that windshield wipers be the exercise of the month. To keep the snow/rain/hail out of view, all you need is a pull up bar...

Pull yourself up like a regular pull up and hold. Rock your hips forward so that your back is parallel to the ground (or as close to parallel as your core will allow!). Keep your ankles together and swing your legs from side to side, hitting each side at least three times each. If you can, keep your legs entirely straight, but if you need to bend your knees, I’ll forgive you.

(here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_42Vk-APXQ It’s in a different language, but, like math, fitness is the same in every country.)

Band of the Month: Colored Chevron! November can be dark and stormy, so I’m going to get bright colors out on the trail! Additionally, when we line up for mass start races, we form a Chevron (with the highest-ranked skier starting at the top). This band will help me make bold moves and get myself up to the front!

Fuel of the Month: Do you have leftover turkey and sweet potatoes? I’m going to make portable pies for the trail with enough protein and carbs to keep me running hot for long workouts. Save leftover piecrust and stuff handheld-sized pockets with turkey, sweet potatoes and brown sugar and bake at 375 until golden brown. Wrap in tin foil and take anywhere! (Adapted from SkratchLabs Portables)

Challenge I overcame in October: Starting in Sun Valley, ID, going to Park City, UT and ending in Canmore, CAN, October presented the biggest volume and intensity training block of the year. The past four weeks have demanded constant focus and attention to detail, so the greatest challenge I overcame was ratcheting back on certain workouts in order to spread my energy across the entire month. That meant serious attention to health, nutrition, recovery and committing to going easy on easy days in order to go hard on hard days. Now, I get a recovery week to celebrate survival!

Goals for November: Start the season strong! My first races are right after November and I want to feel so prepared at the start line that I don’t even need to rely on hope -- that means making big technical progress on snow, keeping my body healthy and maintaining a positive attitude.

Countdown to season opening races: 28 days

November locales: Stratton Mountain, VT; West Yellowstone, MT; Bozeman, MT

You can also follow Annie on Twitter or Instagram @anniePokorny and my Instagram is @anpokorn. She also has a blog: anniespokorner.wordpress.com.

Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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