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Bolder Band helps professional skier prep for Olympic gold...

by Amy Crouse October 02, 2014


We love the bold, beautiful spirit of professional skier and Olympic hopeful Annie Pokorny. Bolder Band Headbands wants to follow her through the trials and tribulations and elation of training for the big show: the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Every month Annie will share some insight into her training so we can train along with her and follow our dreams as well.

Annie Pokorny , 21: I am from Spokane, Washington but living and training in Stratton Mountain, Vermont. I am a professional Nordic skier for SMS T2 in Stratton Mountain, VT. When I’m not skiing my pants off, I’m studying philosophy at Middlebury College and making waffles in my cozy socks.

SMS T2 is a professional Nordic ski team based out of Stratton Mountain, Vermont. I am one of eight athletes, five women and three men. Of the eight of us, five are on the US Ski Team, including four Olympians and one World Champion.

Started skiing: When I was a tiny tot, but I didn't start training competitively until I was in high school. Until then, I considered myself a soccer player/runner/theater geek.

Major victories: Junior National Champion, US Nationals Top 5, World U23 Championships Top 30


Bolder Band Headband slogan is "Be the Bold, Beautiful You."

How do you define ‘Bold’? Being bold means being unafraid to stand out. Being bold is not being phased by passion or challenge, it means owning your talents and facing your insecurities. Boldness is perceived from the outside, it's a quality that others see and admire as something worthy of following. The bold person may not even notice it, because she is simply being herself. 

How do you define ‘Beautiful’?Beauty, on the other hand, is perceived from the inside. It is the yin to boldness' yang because you create it within yourself, it's something you must believe in before others can. A beautiful person chooses her own colors. She is bright. She is happy. She sees her own beauty and finds it in others, which gives her the power to pursue whatever she deems beautiful in the world. 

How do you define ‘You’?You is the combination of boldness and beauty. It is the coalescence of outside and inside perception, introversion and extroversion. It mixes to create potential. You are the tool you have to create an impact; you are the first step to success. You, with your boldness and beauty, have what it takes to overcome even the tallest challenges. 

How did you get connected with Bolder Band Headbands? I came across Bolder Bands through one of my good friends in college, Olivia. She discovered the company online when it was just getting started (just over a year ago) and saw in its motto and product all of the values to which I subscribe. I've always believed in the power of athletics to inspire both men and women to love themselves and enable them to do great things. And I had bangs and a lopsided head, which meant my hair always fell in my face when I was trying to workout (match made in heaven, am I right?). Olivia, who is a photographer, contacted Amy and asked if we might do a photo shoot for the bands to help the company gather more content as it got going. Amy had such energy and positivity; it was no wonder that she created such an incredible product. I tried the bands and immediately became and ambassador for the company, I couldn't stop raving to my friends and teammates what a great product they had. I am so proud to be connected to such a bold, beautiful brand. 


October‘s focus...


Motto of the Month: Fortitude Vincimus (by endurance we conquer) I just finished reading "Endurance" by Alfred Lansing about Shackleton's tumultuous voyage in Antarctica circa 1915 and it showed me how much can be accomplished by human will.


Exercise of the Month: In October, I start to sharpen my endurance muscles, but don't want to get too sharp, since my racing season lasts through March. That means that I do strength exercises that build strength while also increasing our access to our quick twitch muscles. Right now, that means jump pull-ups. During our strength routine, we find a high bar (just high enough to jump to) and try to jump with enough energy to hit the bar and full arm extension and carry through to a full pull up. It's a twist on the classic pull up that is surprisingly challenging and fun.


Band of the Month: Tiki-Me (black and white mixed with fall all over? Yes, please).  Click here to see more pictures of it.


Fuel of the Month: Candy corn. Actually! They provide good quick energy during intervals or long runs, much like energy goos or gummies. Just don't take the entire bag on your trip, they're easy to overdose.


Challenge I overcame in Sept: Recovery! I had a big block of training at the beginning of the month and had to continue to maintain fitness while still giving my body the rest it needed to tackle a big October. That meant focusing on good nutrition, sleep and conscious travel.


Goals for October: Three weeks of October are spent at hard training camps in Park City and Canada. My goals for those weeks are to go into the hard days with confidence and leave it all out there. I'll be training amongst World Champion and Olympic skiers, so this will be a good chance for me to push hard and learn from the best in the world.


Number Days Until I'm on snow: 19


October Locales: Park City, UT, Canmore, CAN, New York, NY and Stratton Mountain, VT

You can also follow Annie on Twitter or Instagram @anniePokorny and my Instagram is @anpokorn. She also has a blog: anniespokorner.wordpress.com.

Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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