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Do you inspire people?

by Amy Crouse August 21, 2014 1 Comment


Do you inspire people? 

I think most people would say…”I don’t know”…”Maybe”…or even “I seriously doubt it.”

Most of the people I’m inspired by have a streak of humility a mile wide, so they would never consider themselves inspirational.

People who CLAIM to be inspirational are typically high energy motivational speakers complete with a hands-free microphone, and cheesy slogans.

I didn’t consider myself inspirational, but something happened the other day to make me wonder if maybe I am.

Now, before you roll your eyes, and decide that I’ve become much too full of myself, hear me out.

I was at the kennel (which is near our house) picking up my dog the other day.  As I was paying my bill, Tonya (the owner) looked at me and said the words...

“I have to tell you, you changed my life.”

I was confused.  Maybe she had mistaken me for someone else.  How could I have changed her life in the very few interactions we’ve had with each other?

She went on to tell me that she would see me run past her office most mornings, and that seeing me run day after day inspired her.

After a few weeks of saying things like “I wish I could do that,” one day Tanya said…”Well…Maybe I can!”

Tonya decided to run to our mailbox, (about ¼ mile) and she felt pretty good afterwards.  The next day she ran a little further, and the next day she ran a little further, and now she runs 3and ½ miles 3 to 5 times per week.
Tonya says running has changed her as a person.  She feels better physically, and mentally.  She’s healthier.  She feels accomplished.

According to Tonya, all this was set in motion because I fought the urge to hit the snooze button a few mornings in a row. 
Whether you like it or not, people are watching you!  Your kids are watching you.  Your co-workers are watching you.  Depending on your proximity, your local dog kennel may be watching you.

You ARE an inspiration to other people.  You do amazing things as you make your way through this life in your Bolder Band, and people DO notice.

It’s hard for me to accept, but Tonya was inspired by my morning runs.

It would probably be hard for Tonya to accept, but I was inspired by her courage to get out of her comfort zone, and start doing something totally new for her, no matter how small the steps had to be.

Life is tough.  We could all use a little inspiration.  The world needs you.

Go be the Bold, Beautiful, INSPIRATIONAL, You!
Amy Crouse
Bolder Band Headbands
Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

1 Response

Jennifer Bremner
Jennifer Bremner

October 12, 2014

Amy, I didn’t roll my eyes! I know first hand that we inspire those around us and at the same time I am inspired by others around me. Example: I have committed to exercise every day, no matter what. Our family had gotten home late and I hadn’t exercised that day. So I got my cool weather walking clothes on and told my family I would be back shortly. When I got home everyone was in bed. I saw a note on my pillow that said, “Mom, Super proud of you for exercising this late”. My daughter noticed my efforts to be healthy and hopefully it will inspire her to be more healthy. At the same time she inspired me to be more perfect in my efforts because I know she is watching. So thanks for sharing you experience, it inspired me!! BTW – I love my bolderbands, I can’t keep them in my drawer because my daughter borrows them all the time, maybe it’s time to get more of her own.

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