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What I love about this picture...

by Amy Crouse April 07, 2014

Evelyn in Mississippi sent me this collage after she and her friends went on a beach run together.  I obviously love this picture because Bolder Bands abound in it, but I also love it for other reasons.

I love how the Bolder Bands these ladies chose to wear are all very different, and it started me thinking about the ways my friends and I are different.  Some of my friends are very tough, and competitive.  Some of them are incredibly kind, and comforting.  Some of them are downright hilarious...etc.

We're all VERY different in a whole host of ways, but at the end of the day.  I need my girls.  I need what each one of them has to offer, and I know I have something special to offer my group as well.  Our diversity, and the way we can all count on our differences makes us stronger.  Even with our flaws, and our quirks, I know we're all better off knowing each other, and walking through life together.

I hope you, and your friends will express your unity by sharing Bolder Bands with each other, and I love how you'll be able to express your individuality by picking out a Bolder Band that is unique, and "totally you!"


Stand by your band!


~Amy Crouse

Bolder Band Headbands



P.S.  We love getting pictures like the one Evelyn sent.  Send us a picture of your Bolder Band girls at fb.com/BolderBand

Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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