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The Pros and Cons of Springing Forward :)

by Amy Crouse March 08, 2016

With Spring comes the time change, and whether you like it or not, there are some pros and cons on each side of the issue.


Pro: You’ll be up and at ‘em an hour earlier, and get a jump on your day!

Con: After hitting your snooze button multiple times, and doing your best to smash your alarm clock, you’ll get the joy of waking up a small child an hour earlier. Please resist the urge to explain to them that if they don’t stop crying and find their shoes, "Mommy might finally run away to Mexico."

Pro: More sunshine! As the days get longer, you’ll be able to fit in all kinds of extra outdoor activities!

Con: You’ll be half asleep when you get ready in the morning, and you’ll be seen in the sun's full glory looking like you got dressed in the dark…’cause…well…you did.

Pro: Having more light for longer will save money on utilities!

Con: You’ll likely pass that entire savings on to Starbucks in an effort to keep from napping, and/or becoming violent at your workplace.

Pro: Driving home while it’s still light outside lowers traffic accidents.

Con: 25% of us will have our retinas fried out by driving home directly into the afternoon sun.

Pro: The need to get ready faster will give you an excuse to buy some new Bolder Bands!

Con: We’ve got nothing for this one…this is just plain ol’ good news :)

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Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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