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Grampy's Wisdom Part 1

by Amy Crouse December 02, 2013


The Boy Scouts had nothing on my grandpa in the area of being prepared. 

For the next few weeks I want to share with you some wisdom from one of the wisest men I have known. A man who has shaped the kind of wife, mother, friend and business woman I am today.

Some people knew him as Omer F. Shepard, some knew him as Bud, but for the six of us grandkids, and nine great-grand children he was simply “Grampy”.  And Grampy was a planner: He planned family trips, holidays, business lunches and he even planned his funeral last year, which was lovely.

When we were very young he began planning for our future, too.  He bought bank stock for us that he then cashed in and bought lots for houses. When the time was right, he sold those lots for us and we partnered on some rental property. I can remember being about 13 years old sitting in meetings talking about tenants, lease agreements, and a lot of numbers and terms that I didn't understand.  However, by the time I got to college, that building was paying for itself and my education.

The other part of planning ahead is also being well insured. You know that you are well insured when your insurance agent speaks at your funeral (although he also was a friend.)! One of the last conversations my husband had with Grampy was to make sure our youngest had life insurance. Grampy knew enough though that insurance was not as important as the assurance of where he spend his life after he died. Grampy was an example that the things in this life will pass away, but a relationship with Jesus is the best long-term high-yield investment you could make. He invested his life in Jesus and I am assured of where he is now, in heaven.

Next Monday, I will share another core nugget of wisdom from a man whose wisdom still impacts my decisions today.


Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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