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Goal Tending

by Amy Crouse November 29, 2013

The second helping of stuffing has been eaten. The multiple slices of pumpkin pie has been digested and forgotten. Now we need to brush the crumbs off our shirt and get back on track.

One great way of keeping focused with exercise during the holidays, or anytime, is signing up for a race. The weeks of preparation, and maybe fear of not finishing or doing well, will you’re your holiday butt in the gym or on the road. You can also try getting a friend to do it with you or maybe even compete for the best time and winner gets babysitting duty for a date night or maybe a cup of over–priced java!

There is nothing as fun and exciting and encouraging as race day when you put on your racing bib number and stand at the starting line.  Of course, finishing feels awesome too!

If you have never done a race before, start with a 5K with a buddy and you will be hooked. I would suggest signing up for races every few months or like three or four times a year, if your budget will allow. Maybe find a charity that is near and dear to your heart and raise some money to help those in need along the way.

There is also silly themes to races, like the Denver “Ugly Sweater Run” Dec. 21.   http://theuglysweaterrun.com/locations/denver-colorado/#.UpTKZKVtKds

Here is a website to look up a race in your area.




Make a plan and be BOLDER to try something new!


Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

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