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Rock on, my friends

by Amy Crouse November 19, 2013 1 Comment


Much like coffee is to mornings, a good playlist can be a pick-me-up to any aerobic activity.  The escapism of doing something good for your body while being swept away in the beats that beg you to forget that your muscles are straining and your sweat is dripping.

Here are some songs that really get me going and maintaining a high-level of intensity. Some are classics and some are silly and some might surprise you. I will let you decide the order and pace. In no particular order:

Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child 


Never has my booty felt so attractive as I bounced along.


Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne


I still want to do the dance that is choreographed to this on the Wii game “Just Dance” every time I hear it, but this song reminds me of being a teen-ager and “in love”.


The Nearness by David Crowder Band


These Texans have inspired me with their lyrics for years and this slightly techno number keeps my heart rate up.


Church Music by David Crowder Band


These guys get a double play with this number that sounds a bit like the early 80s. (Of course I am WAY too young to remember that time period.)


Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars knows how to put on a show, YouTube his appearance on the Grammys. I know WHAT the lyrics are about (and my kids can’t listen to him), but this song is so good and catchy…and I AM thinking of my HUSBAND the whole time!



American Woman by Lenny Kravitz


This groove speaks for itself with its guitar-heavy rifs.


Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes


The drums help set the pace and the strain in Jack White’s voice matches mine in the middle of a workout.


I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys


The American-Celtic punk blokes angry screams ignite an aggression in me.


Halo/Walkin’ on Sunshine, Glee Cast Version


This sunny energy is an interesting juxtaposition to the Dropkick Murphys, but whatever keeps you going.


Sexy Back by Justin Timerlake


Who doesn’t love JT? So, so many pop songs to chose from, this one is just a good beat and it gets you going. Plus, every step I am trying to bring “healthy back”.


One Week by Barenaked Ladies


These fast-talking Canadians made me fall in love with them with this single and eventually I listened to their first album, Gordon, about 1592 times. BONUS: Check out “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” off of Gordon too as a good cool down song.


Roar by Katy Perry


What good playlist wouldn’t include the empowering candy-like songs of this gal? Finish strong!


What are the beats that keep you going?


Amy Crouse
Amy Crouse

1 Response

Kierra Maricle
Kierra Maricle

March 31, 2015

I found the link to this article on Pinterest!!! I am so happy to see Bolder Band on there! :) Also, thank you for the playlist! I will be using this for my workouts! (with my Bolder Band on of course)

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