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Bolder Band Reviews & Testimonials

Best Headband In the world
One of the best headbands ever


Lip glosd
    "Very happy, will be wanting more"
    Chrissu S.
    Loving this Gloss
      "I ordered the pack of all, hoping I wouldn't be disappointed. Definitely not disappointed! I have opened two, and love them both. Super shiny, and am enjoying wearing everyday so far. Thanks for a great product."
      Patricia W.
      Bolder lips
        "The glosses that I purchased was exactly as described. Not sticky, conditioning, and beautiful"
        Andrea B.
        Love love em
          "Fabulous product. My lips are so soft. Its not a sticky gloss but it is thick. The flavor is just amazing. I went back on and ordered the 6 for 25. The sugared grapefruit and toasted coconut are out of this world. I havent tried the others yet but i know i wont be disappointed. "
          Danielle F.
          Love love em
            "Fabulous product. My lips are so soft. Its not a sticky gloss but it is thick. The flavor is just amazing. I went back on and ordered the 6 for 25. The sugared grapefruit and toasted coconut are out of this world. I havent tried the others yet but i know i wont be disappointed. "
            Danielle F.
            Great gloss!
              "Great feel with a hunt of color."
              Vicki M.
              5 stars
                "Luv the smell, taste, look, etc."
                Vicki Z.
                Awesome product
                  "I bought the six pack and all of the flavors are amazing. Love how they smell, taste, and feel on my lips. "
                  Megan S.
                  Best workout headbands ever
                    "Comfy, non-slip, absorbs a huge amount of sweat despite being so thin, never creeps up, fun patterns and stands up to a 1000 washings - they are the best! "
                    Holly B.
                    Bolder tangy pineapple Lipgloss
                      "Man when I say this product is excellent! You literally only have to put it on once and your lips are instantly soft and hydrated. Not to mention their excellent customer. service, to address any issue you may have. "
                      Vernita F.
                      Cutest Headband at Orange Theory Fitness
                        "Practical because it keeps the sweat out of my eyes and so pretty! The quality of bolder bands is outstanding. Plus, I looked stylish when I had to run an errand after my workout! I have a collection and this is a new favorite!"
                        Jamie F.
                        Great Lip Gloss
                          "I really like this lip gloss. Not sticky and makes my lips soft. "
                          Diane B.
                          Tangy pineapple
                            "Loved it and will definitely buy more"
                            Jennifer W.
                            Lip gloss❤️❤️❤️
                              "I absolutely love the peppermint lip gloss! It makes my lips so smooth & the staying power is great! I ordered the complete set, can’t wait to get them all!!!"
                              Robin R.
                              Best scrunchie ever
                                "I love these scrunches. I have really long hair and these don’t break or damage my hair at all"
                                Ruby C.
                                Awesome Gloss!
                                  "When I first saw the “glittery color” of this gloss, I was skeptical! It turned out to be great! Just a hint of color and very moisturizing! The Peppermint gave just a “touch” of tingle like those “waxy” balms but without the wax feel!! I LOVE it! ❤️❤️"
                                  Paula A.
                                  Great product
                                    "I really love this gloss and how subtle it is. It was delivered very fast and came exactly as described. Thank you for a great purchase "
                                    Stacey Z.
                                    Excellent products
                                      "Love my sugared grapefruit."
                                      Kerry D.
                                      Awesome product
                                        "I love it and the fact that it is not sticky is amazing; it also stays on your lips longer than other glosses "
                                        Megan S.
                                        Loved Toasted Coconut!!!
                                          "Great taste!! It kept my lips soft and hydrated ... and protected them from the winter elements! Will definitely purchase again!! "
                                          Pamela B.
                                            AMY S.
                                            More bang for my buck!
                                              "I really like the gloss! I went for the multi pack because it was a great deal with the free gloss promo, and I have a daughter who would have had no problem taking over any flavor that I didn’t like.... but the flavor is truly only a hint. While disappointing in the case of pineapple...for the others, I win! I will purchase again.. probably as gifts first, and then to replenish. My only complaint....NONE of the 6 tubes were full. Hopefully just a fluke. "
                                              Nice color and moisture
                                                "Great! Shipping was very fast as well."
                                                Lori W.
                                                Incredible lipgloss
                                                  "This is by far the best lipgloss around. My lips stay dry and chapped year round, since using this brand they are 95% better! I will definitely order more. I bought the raspberry and the mango, like them both!"
                                                  Cathy M.
                                                    "I came across this in a Facebook ad, so of course was a little skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised with this gloss. Flavor is present, but not overpowering and it’s not so sticky like many glosses. I will definitely try other flavors."
                                                    Teri K.
                                                      "Learning curve. Who would have thought it was difficult to put on a headband! But I love them!!"
                                                      Candy C.
                                                      Just what I needed
                                                        "The Runs N Roses Colder Band is very cute, but above all is warm, the right size and stays in place! Thank you for a truly well made product. I live in ND and on days like today when the actual air temp is negative 40* I really appreciate warmth! Carolyn Johnson,"
                                                        Carolyn J.
                                                        Bolder Bands (ALL OF THEM)
                                                          "I am loving my bands. My hair is not long enough to pull back in a pony tail. The bands stay in place and best of all, keep my hair out of my face. And the customer service is stellar. They take great care of their customers. "
                                                          Treina C.
                                                          I love Bolder Bands this
                                                            "I love Bolder Bands this products are amazing... for me I have hair loss due to medica treatment. And the bands help cover that and they are so beautiful... they never itch or give me a headaches. The customer service is like no other... they show kindness and always willing to help. My last order I went with what was my normal size but with hair loss it was to big I needed a small B.B. sent me the new size at no cost... B.B. makes you feel like It’s ok to go out in public... they bring color and beauty to my flawed ness ... and it is my experience that when people see me they see the bands before the baldness..... I love this company there products last,... they have amazing staff... and they are here just to help women.... thank you B.B."
                                                            Laura B.
                                                            Christmas was perfect
                                                              "I had some questions about the product that delayed my order but you granted me the BOGO offer anyway and Everything got here in time for Christmas, I really appreciate you working with me and helping me out. I would also like to replace the Mile High Colder Band my wife has with a new one so it would be great if you could let me know when you get them back in stock. She's had it for a while now and it's gotten a lot of use and it is starting to show its age."
                                                              Shane K.
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                                                              Headband Sizing

                                                              Band Type Small Regular Large
                                                              Active 19.5"-21" 21"-22.5" 22.5"-24"
                                                              CoolCore® //// One size fits most
                                                              Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
                                                              Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
                                                              Tie Behind //// One size fits most
                                                              Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
                                                              Colder One size fits all


                                                              * if you fall right on the line order size down

                                                              Video: How To Measure Your Head

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