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Bolder Band Reviews & Testimonials

Best Headband In the world
One of the best headbands ever



bolder band
    "Excellent, love bolder bands!"

    Jeanette G.

    Tie behind head bands
      "I loved them they stay put while I'm running! !"

      Jacqueline W.

      sweet pinapple
        "I find them comfortable"

        Susan W.

        Delivers what it promises
          "Very good experience. It does actually feel cool if dampened or when it becomes wet with sweat. "

          Holly C.

          So very happy with the
            "So very happy with the wristlets. Perfect gift for my girls."

            Jenny D.

            I love every one I have.
              "I love it and even have it in now!"

              Jeanie G.

              Ive loved every headband!
                "Love every one I have!"

                Jeanie G.

                Great Product
                  "Love the free bag! Great product perfect for our swimming adventures."

                  Valerie P.

                  Great fit- doesn’t move- absorbs the sweat like crazy!
                    "This is my second purchase of a CoolCore headband and I can’t say enough great things. I love the fit, and most headbands don’t fit my head or stay put. And, it really does keep the sweat out of my eyes. Living in Phoenix and being a trail runner, I sweat a lot! And I have no issues with sweat with these bands. Definitely recommend!"

                    Marisa J.

                    Absolutely love it!
                      "Great product. After trying numerous headbands for my daughter I finally came across Bolder Bands and it's amazing. It stays in place when she plays tennis. I never slides up or down and keeps her hair out of her face. I recommend this to anyone looking for a headband that does what it's made to do."

                      Susanna S.

                      AutismUp Donation
                        "Thank you for always being supportive of those living with autism! "

                        Beth C.

                        Easter gift
                          "This was an Easter gift for my 6-year daughter who loves unicorns! She was excited for her very own 'wallet'. We love the headbands as we have several and I'm sure this will be a hit too. Lots of room for all her chapsticks & glosses...and probably her rocks too! "

                          Mendi B.

                          Love all of my B Bands!
                            "I have 8 bands and just recently bought one for my daughter. Her head is little and I just got a small and it fit perfectly! ❤️"

                            Moneka O.

                            Love these new spring colors!!
                              "I love these for workouts. I have several Bolder Bands. My husband works in manufacturing, so Made in America is very important to me. It is what made me try your headbands."

                              Kirsten b.

                                "Love it!! So do my friends!"

                                Shiela M.

                                Ive loved every headband!
                                  "2 fit better than the rest but thats my fault cuz I ordered the wrong size but I still wear em!"

                                  Jeanie G.

                                  Love Bolder Bands!
                                    "Excellent, stylish, and comfortable!"

                                    Kelly C.

                                      "The color are so bright and I love it! Couldn't be happier!"

                                      Teryn J.

                                      Great ! I love it
                                        "Great ! I love it ! "

                                        Jennifer K.

                                        Great! Comfortable, stay put fit!
                                          "Great! Comfortable, stay put fit!"

                                          Jamie W.

                                          Love it, very happy with
                                            "Love it, very happy with wristlet and Starbucks card"

                                            Laura D.

                                            Red Band-ana Colder Band
                                              "Fits great and so comfortable! Only got to wear it once because the weather warmed up quick."

                                              Teresa V.

                                              CoolCore Tropic
                                                "I haven't gotten the headband wet yet. Waiting for the hot summer to try the CoolCore feature."

                                                Jo D.

                                                Great Product
                                                  "Great Product, they even offered free shipping this time."

                                                  Cheryl W.

                                                  Tank top
                                                    "Awesome. Great quality, crazy fast shipping! "

                                                    Amanda E.

                                                      "They are awesome! "

                                                      Katie M.

                                                      Cheetah print band
                                                        "Wear it all the time! "

                                                        Megan S.

                                                          "I love the bands I bought! They stay put and I love the width is so adjustable. Now I need to control myself and not buy one in every color!"

                                                          Amy H.

                                                          Daughters love them
                                                            "Bought a wristlet for each of my daughters. They love the lightweight fabric of this wristlet. They also love that their IPhone with a case will fit easily inside. Would definitely purchase again."

                                                            Debbie H.

                                                            Easy to use!
                                                              "It definitely stayed put while I was running and didn't ride up or down. I did have to make sure I had either my shirt or pants underneath the belt because it was sort of itchy on my bare skin but that's no biggie. I like this option over an arm band for sure!! "

                                                              Kimberly N.
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                                                              Headband Sizing

                                                              Band Type Small Regular Large
                                                              Active 19.5"-21" 21"-22.5" 22.5"-24"
                                                              CoolCore® //// One size fits most
                                                              Thinner 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
                                                              Adjustable Thinner //// One size fits most
                                                              Tie Behind //// One size fits most
                                                              Lace 19.5"-21.5" 21.5"-23.5" N/A
                                                              Colder One size fits all


                                                              * if you fall right on the line order size down

                                                              Video: How To Measure Your Head

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