Who Do We Make Bolder Bands™ For?

Bolder Bands™ are for Runners. They're also for Rock Climbers, Skiers, and Basketball players. They're for Power Lifters, Power walkers, and people who love Power Yoga. Bolder Bands are for horseback riding, stroller driving, and morning mochas with friends. They're also used widely by smilers, strivers, and toddler high-fivers. They're made to stay put, they're made to wick moisture, and they're made to look great, but most of all, Bolder Band™ headbands were made for the Bold, Beautiful, You!  Find your headband now >


Headband Sizing

Less than 19.5 inches x-small**
19.5" - 21 inches small
21" - 22.5 inches regular
22.5" - 24 inches large

More than 24 inches


**PLEASE NOTE: If your head measurement requires that you purchase an x-small or an x-large please e-mail us directly at support@bbolder.com. This size is a custom band so they require a few extra days for processing and may be an additional cost.

Pant & Skirt Sizing

Size Upper Hip Lower Hip Length to Slit/Hem In Seam
XS 29" 33" 38" / 45" 31.5"
S 32" 35" 38" / 45" 31.5"
M 35" 39" 39" / 46" 32.5"
L 37" 44" 39" / 46" 32.5"
XL 38" 46" 39" / 46" 32.5

Leggings Sizing Chart

28.5" inches x-small / small
32" inches medium
35.5" inches large / x-large

Video: How To Measure Your Head